Purchasing Process

We offer a variety of options to make the process of purchasing your new puppy as coinvent and easy as possible, for all involved. After you choose your fur-fect friend from our list of available puppies a non-refundable deposit is required to make the pick-up reservation. On the day of purchase the total amount is due, this is when contracts are signed, paperwork is provided, and a bond that lasts a lifetime is created. 

Selecting Your Puppy

Our puppies are listed on a variety of places, first here our website under our Puppy tab. There you can find each available puppy with a short synopsis about each puppies' personality, and you can view any additional photos.  At the bottom of each page in a contact form where you can inquire about the specific puppy. Additionally, the puppies are listed on puppfinder.com, a popular website where breeders can list litters and single dogs. There are local advertisements in place to ensure we reach and impact our direct community. Lastly, we deploy the use of social media to share the puppies with a larger audience on Instagram. With the multitude of interest, the puppies receive from theses outreach streams, do not hesitate to inquire to secure your reservation today!


A five hundred non-refundable deposit is due up front to secure the reservation for your puppy.  There are two payment selections available for providing the deposit. First is that a $500 non-refundable cash deposit can be made in advance to creating a reservation date. Secondly $500 non-refundable electronic ACH deposit can be made using ABA routing numbers or money sharing service such as PayPal and Venmo.  

Taking Home Your Puppy

Each Unique puppy deserves a unique start to meeting each family. This is why we provide a variety of pick-up options to best suit the lifestyles of many families or individuals. If you do not see an option that best fits your situation, we can discuss possible alternatives to accommodate the request in advance. 

Pick Up at Location 

Pick-up at the Archer Aussies kennel can be scheduled in advance. It includes a meet and greet with both mother and father, a short tour of the property, and complimentary introduction photography.  When you arrive, you can meet your puppy and interact with all the animals on the property before signing contracts and farewells. 

Northern Ca Delivery

Delivery directly to your location is available to northern California residents only. Rates to be determined. Special day of Holiday delivery rates available.


We understand the challenges of each unique situation and acknowledge that there is no limit to the locations that a forever friend is needed. This is why we offer Meeting. Here we meet at a preplanned public place to transition the puppy to your ownership. This can be more cost effective than Shipping.

Accompanied Air Shipping

Worldwide Shipping is available, for this process the puppy would be accompanied on a flight to your destination. Shipping rates are subject to location demands. 


Once your take your paw-some partner home we make ourselves available for any questions, assistance, and updates. If you subscribe to our monthly email newsletter you can receive up to date information on our litters, updates on the parents, and can have photos of your pet featured in the monthly contest.

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