Guardian Program

Here at Archer Aussies, we provide indoor living quarters for our Miniature Australian Shepards. They cohabitate with our family of five on a quarter acre of land. Each animal has free reign of the house and a private kennel where they can go to for moments of privacy. Because of the space demands we have created a program to accommodate furthering our bloodline while ensuring our animals have enough space to live happily and freely.  This is called the Guardian Program. The program includes placing a male or female Miniature Australian Shepard in a home of a "guardian" who will care for their emotional and physical needs, while allowing business operations with our kennel yearly.



In order to become a guardian each applicant must meet a series of qualifications.

  • No non-neutered dogs to live on premises 
  • Animals must eat approved/discussed diet
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  • Animal must live indoors
  • Secure housing arrangement 
  • Ability to take animal to frequent vet visits 
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