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Welcome to the Archer Aussie Homepage. We are a Miniature Australian Shepard Breeder located in the beautiful abundant valley of Northern California. The Ausie's have called our quarter acer property their home since 2021. To cater to the naturally active breed characteristics of Mini Australian Shepards we have created a space that allows the animals to exercise their agility skills daily while they interact harmoniously with other elements of nature such as an active garden and four free range hens.

We strive to produce animals that are friendly, curious, and devoted. From the first day of life, puppies are cared for in large private kennels with their mother, who is provided ample room to care for her new additions and still walk, eat, and use the facilities. Puppies exclusively nurse for the first three weeks, during this time their ears and eyes open and this is when audio, visual, and environmental enrichment is provided daily in various forms. Wet food mixed with puppy milk is introduced in small amounts at four weeks old and mother is allowed more time away from puppies. Each day the puppies are introduced to other surfaces and environments further familiarizing them with unknown places and things. Around five weeks old a full healthy puppy Vet examination is performed, and all required vaccinations are administered. By the time our puppies are old enough to leave for their new homes they are fully weaned, eating dry food, drinking water, and are 90% paper trained.

About Aussies

According to the American Stock Dog Registry Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherd Standard "The Australian Shepard is a well-balanced dog, no matter whether Standard, Miniature, or toy. He is attentive, animated, showing strength and stigma combined with unusual agility. Slightly longer than tall, he has a coat of moderate length and coarseness with coloring that offers variety and individuality in each specimen."


"The Australian Shepherd is intelligent, primarily a working dog of strong herding and guardian instincts. He is an exceptional companion. He is versatile and easily trained, performing his assigned tasks with great style and enthusiasm. He is naturally reserved with strangers but does not exhibit shyness. Although an aggressive, authoritative worker, viciousness toward people or animals is intolerable. "

Breed Size Standards


Height for both male and female is 18 inches up to 23 inches at the top of the withers.


Height for both male and female is 14 inches up to 18 inches at the top of the withers.


Height for both male and female is 10 inches up to 14 inches at the top of the withers.

Breed Color Pattern Standards

 Breed standards state that Miniature Australian Shepherds come in varying combinations of two basic body colors; black and liver, One pattern (merle), and two trim colors (white and tan.)  The pattern merle is described as two “colors”: Blue merle and red (liver) merle.  The base color (black or liver), merle, tan, and white are all distinct genetic traits.

Breed Tail Standards

The AKC standard for an Australian shepherd is, that the tail is straight and does not exceed 4 inches long; naturally or docked. Similarly, the ASCA calls the Aussie’s natural or docked bobtail an “identifying characteristic.” 

Because of these appearance standards, many breeders dock the tail shortly after birth to make the puppies more desirable or fitting to the characteristics of the breed. While cosmetic reasons and breed conformity are the most common reasons to cut an Australian shepherd’s tail, some owners dock the tail to prevent injuries to the dog. Some examples of potential work-related hazards for tails include: Hunting or herding dogs could injure the tail tip in the underbrush. The tail could be stepped on, causing injury while working with larger animals. Or The tail could collect sand spurs or other sharp items in certain environments. 

Research has shown that the actual risk for tail injury is low and is only reasonable for specific dogs carrying out particular tasks. Due to these reasons, we do NOT dock the tails of our puppies at birth unless otherwise requested in advance for working animals. Advanced reservations can be discussed before birth of litter. 

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